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How to buy Dignity (DIG)

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Dignity (DIG) is a cryptocurrency that seeks to peg itself to the price of gold. It is associated with the Cryptobontix team, who launched a suite of tokens including NAM, HON and ORE. Learn how to buy DIG with BTC below…

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

In this method, you will trade BTC for DIG using Livecoin. Thus, in order to begin, you first need to acquire some Bitcoin (BTC)…

Buy Bitcoin: You can do this via the following self-explanatory services:

Click here for a detailed guide on buying BTC in the UK

Step 2: Trade Bitcoin for Dignity

  1. Open a Livecoin trading account here
    1. We strongly recommend you use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your account
  2. Head to BALANCE
    1. Click DEPOSIT next to your Bitcoin balance
    2. Send your Bitcoin to this address
  3. Once the Bitcoin arrives in your wallet, head to the market via the BUY/SELL tab
    1. Search for DIG under the BTC tab and click UNY/BTC
  4. Use the BUY DIG FOR BTC box to enter how much Bitcoin you wish to trade for Dignity
    1. Hit the button, and your order will be filled and appear in your DIG wallet
  5. We recommend that you keep your DIG on Livecoin until it has been swapped for Dignity (DIG)

Congratulations, you successfully bought Dignity!

Note: Unity Ingot (UNY) became Dignity (DIG) after a swap that took place on Livecoin exchange around the 20th February.

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