Buy All Coins Yield Capital (ACYC) in UK

ACYC is a FaaS (Farming-as-a-service) platform where All Coins Yield Capital. It uses algorithms to strategically farm Layer-2 chains as well as invest in other small-cap crypto assets. This profit is shared among the holders, with each coin representing a share in ACYC. It is a decentralized DeFi hedge fund that provides returns without any staking. There’s also an additional 10% returns each time ACYS buys or sells something.

ACYC is a small-cap coin that can only be purchased on DeFi Exchanges. For this guide, we will be using Uniswap.

Buy ACYC on Uniswap

The first step is to set up Metamask and load Ethereum into it.

1. Download MetaMask for Google Chrome.
2. The initial setup is straightforward like any other wallet. Set a password and make a note of your backup phrase. Now it is ready to be used with Ethereum Chain.
3. Load up your wallet with ETH. Check out our guide on buying Ethereum if you dont already have some.
1. Once you have the ETH in your wallet, head on to Uniswap.
2. Over here, you can swap your ETH for ACYC. Select ETH as the first currency to swap.
3. In the second column, type in ACYC and click import.
4. Now, type in the amount of ACYC you want to buy, and hit swap. You will be asked to sign the transaction and approve the swap.
That’s it! You now have ACYC tokens in your wallet, that can yield returns without having to stake it.