An increasing number of celebrities, sports stars and tech workers are requesting that their salaries be paid in cryptocurrency.

While there are platforms that allow for this in North America and other regions, there’s a lack of information on how British employers can pay their staff, contractors and affiliates in cryptocurrency.

Whether you or your employees are looking to have your salary paid in full or in part in cryptocurrency, this guide covers the basics.

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Risks and Notes

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Employers and employees who want to be paid in cryptocurrency in the UK might find the following platforms helpful…

Option 1: Bitwage

  • With offices in Europe and California, Bitwage is a trusted provider of crypto payroll solutions.
  • Their transparent pricing plans start at a free plan, with a Premium plan costing employers just $7.99/month/employee.
  • Same-day wage processing, plus the ability to mix 3 different wage types (e.g., BTC, ETH and GBP).
  • Learn more at Bitwage.

Option 2: BitPay

  • BitPay offers a whole host of personal and business solutions for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, including BitPay Send which allows for crypto payroll as well as paying contractors with cryptocurrencies.
  • Learn more at BitPay.

Option 3: Mode

  • In late 2021, Mode Global announced a partnership with PayEscape to pilot a Bitcoin payroll product for Brits.
  • The service allows employers to pay British employees directly into their Mode crypto wallet.
  • Learn more at Mode.