If you’re looking to Spend Bitcoin in the UK, you’ve come to the right place! The core of Bitcoin is that it is a digital currency. Satoshi Nakamoto created it as a convenient form of digital currency that is not controlled by an individual or entity. Some of the world’s largest retailers already accept Bitcoin. These days, it is easy to spend your Bitcoin in almost every place across the globe!

Here’s a list of some of the most popular stores in the UK that directly accept Bitcoin:


Expedia is one of the largest travel aggregators in the world. With thousands of listings for hotels and flights, the platform has been accepting Bitcoin since 2018. Apart from Bitcoin, Expedia also accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, BNB, and more.

Expedia Travala


Travala is another alternative travel booking platform to Expedia. However, Travala sets itself apart by being a native cryptocurrency platform and supports more cryptocurrencies than Expedia. Travala has a partnership with Expedia that all of its properties are accessible by its customers. Travala also has a partnership with Binance. Hence, Binance customers can use the cryptocurrency funds stored on the exchange to make hotel bookings within Binance App.


Microsoft was one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin and had been accepting it since 2014. However, it can only be used in Microsoft’s online store to buy digital content. It includes software and games for windows and Xbox. It also includes other digital purchases available on the Microsoft store, such as hosting your Minecraft server.


There are several reasons to use a VPN. One of the most popular use-case of a VPN is for privacy. It masks and re-routes your internet traffic, making it impossible for any middle-men to snoop through your traffic. Or, you might want to access content that’s not available in your region. Your existing Netflix account will have access to a different set of content when you change your location using a VPN to another country.

Whatever your need for a VPN may be, NordVPN and ExpressVPN both accept Bitcoin. Nord accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. ExpressVPN goes an extra step and also takes stable coins such as USDC, BUSD, PAX, and GUSD. Both sites do not require any personal details while paying with cryptocurrencies and only require you to enter an email address to log into your account.

Gift Cards

If the store that you’re looking for does not accept Bitcoin, the chances are you can still use Bitcoin to buy a gift card and spend it. One such service is Bitrefill. You can use the service to convert your cryptocurrency for gift cards across hundreds of stores. It includes Uber, Tesco, Amazon, Apple, Steam, Nike, etc. You can even use it to pay your phone bill for 3, Vodafone, and more.

Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin Debit Card UK

If gift cards don’t work for you, there are Bitcoin Debit Cards. It is the most convenient way to spend Bitcoin. With Bitcoin Debit Cards issued on Visa and MasterCard networks, you can instantly spend your cryptocurrencies in any of the millions of available PoS machines worldwide.