Buy RubyCoin in the UK

How to buy RubyCoin in the UK

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In order to buy RubyCoin (RBY), we first need to acquire Bitcoin (BTC), and will then exchange our BTC for RBY. If you already have Bitcoin, you may skip step 1.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

In this method, you will trade BTC for RBY using Bittrex. Thus, in order to begin, you first need to acquire some Bitcoin (BTC)…

Buy Bitcoin: You can do this via the following self-explanatory services:

Click here for a detailed guide on buying BTC in the UK, including many more options.

Step 2: BTC -> RBY with Bittrex

Now that you have BTC, the process for buying RubyCoin on Bittrex is as follows…

  1. Sign up for a Bittrex account
  2. Head to Wallets by clicking the button in the top menu
  3. Click the + (plus) button to the left of your Bitcoin wallet to reveal further details
  4. Send Bitcoin (BTC) to the Bittrex Bitcoin wallet address (you will be sending Bitcoin from the exchange or wallet where you bought or stored your Bitcoin)
  5. Wait for your Bitcoin to show up in your Bittrex wallet – this could take a while, depending on the transaction fee you set when sending your BTC.
  6. When you have Bitcoin in you Bittrex wallet, click the Ƀ Markets button at the top left of the menu, and type in RBY
  7. Now you’re at the RubyCoin market page, you need to place your order
  8. Use the Buy RubyCoin panelSet the Units to Max, unless you want to keep some of your BTC to spend on other coin
    1. Click Price next to Bid to reveal a drop-down, and select Last or Ask
    2. Leave the other options as they are (unless you wish to set your own bid), then click Buy RubyCoin
    3. Confirm your transaction
  9. Now, your order will be placed, and you can check the status using the Orders button in the menu
  10. When your order is fulfilled, your RubyCoin will appear in your Wallets

Congratulations, you purchased RubyCoin!

Buying RubyCoin from the UK using Bittrex
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