How to Buy Coin (CRO) in UK Coin (CRO) Price GBP

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CRO is the native token created by to power its native blockchain system and exchange. is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. Similar to Binance’s Binance Coin (BSC) CRO is’s native token that is used to power the exchange’s ecosystem. uses CRO to offer additional incentives to all of its existing products such as discounts in trading fee and card transactions.

Buy CRO in UK

The best place to buy CRO in the UK is straight from itself.

  1. Head on to, sign up, and complete the KYC.
  2. Head on to your wallet and deposit some Bitcoin. If you don’t already have any BTC, check out our guide on buying Bitcoin for GBP in the UK.
  3. Now, go back to the exchange and search for the trading paid: CRO/BTC.
  4. Here, you can set a limit order for the price you want, or create a market order if you want to buy instantly.

That’s it! You now have CRO in your wallet.

Staking CRO

The additional benefit to holding on to CRO is staking. offers up to 12% APY for holders, along with other benefits such as purchase rebates, extra card cash backs, and more depending on the amount of CRO you have staked. If you are going to hold on to your CRO, you might as well stake it for additional profits.