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What is Hedra Hashgraph?

Hedra is a blockchain system that uses proof-of-stake to achieve fast consensus. However, it does not have a traditional blockchain structure. It is more like a graph, where the speed only increases as more transactions are being made. It claims to achieve more than 100,000 transactions per second, easily surpassing most major blockchain networks. Hedra Hashgraph is not an open source project. They raised $120 million to build the network in 2018 and launched the mainnet in 2019. While the price of HBAR crashed just a few months after its launched, the project saw a revived interest in early 2021 when it reached an all-time high.

Looking to invest in Hedera Hashgraph in the UK or EU? We put together this guide to explain the process of purchasing this token with GBP or British Pounds or Euros. Buying HBAR is simple with Binance.

Another option is to trade a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, then trade it for HBAR on an exchange such as Binance.

Where to buy HBAR in UK

As of May 7, 2021, HBAR is the 58th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $2.5 Billion. Therefore, it is available on most modern exchanges:


Recommended: Buy HBAR with GBP on Binance

Binance is by far the best option to buy HBAR in the UK since they offer free bank deposits.

  1. Sign up for a Binance Account.
  2. Once you have signed up for Binance, hover over “Buy Crypto” on the top-left and click on “Deposit”.
  3. Make sure the currency is set to “GBP.”
  4. Over here, you can either make a bank deposit which is free, or use your Visa or MasterCard with a small fee.
  5. Once the GBP is deposited into your Binance wallet, you can use it for trading.
  6. Click on Trade at the top menu and select “Classic.”
  7. With popular cryptocurrencies, you can swap them directly with GBP. However, Binance does not offer that trading pair yet. So, you need to convert it to Bitcoin first.
  8. Search for the pair BTC/GBP.
  9. Trade your GBP for BTC. (Check out Step 2 under Option 2 below if you’re not sure about trading on Binance.)
  10. Once you have BTC, search for the trading pair HBAR/BTC.
  11. Now exchange your BTC for HBAR.

Option 2: Trade BTC for HBAR on an Exchange
How to buy HBAR on Binance?

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

In this method, you will trade BTC for HBAR on Binance. Thus, in order to begin, you first need to acquire some Bitcoin (BTC)…

Buy Bitcoin: You can do this via the following self-explanatory services:

Click here for a detailed guide on buying BTC in the UK, including many more options.

Step 2: BTC -> HBAR

  1. Register for a Binance account here
  2. Deposit Bitcoin into your account by heading to Funds -> Deposits Withdrawals in the top menu
    1. Click the + next to Bitcoin to reveal the wallet address – send Bitcoin here
  3. Once Bitcoin has reached your Binance wallet, head to Exchange -> Basic via the top navigation bar
  4. Use the panel to the right side of the screen (which shows many currency pairs alphabetically, starting AMB/BTC, ARK/BTC, etc.)
    1. Type HBAR in the search bar
    2. Click the HBAR/BTC link to reach the market page
  5. See the Buy HBAR panel, set your Buy parameters, and click the big green button
    1. This places an order, which can be watched via the Orders tab in the top navigation bar
    2. When your order is filled, the exchange is complete, and your HBAR will appear in your HBAR wallet under the Funds tab

Congratulations, you successfully bought Hedera Hashgraph!

Buy HBAR UK Binance
Use this panel on Binance to purchase HBAR with your BTC