The team behind Dignity token (DIG) announced four other exciting projects in February 2018: ECHO, NAM, ORE, and HON…

NAM, ORE, and HON are to be available for purchase in the conventional manner: on exchanges. ECHO, on the other hand, will be made available through an IBO (Initial Bounty Offering), whereby early adopters will be rewarded for referring others to claim their free ECHO (0.5 ECHO for sign-up, 0.25 per referral).

Like Dignity, which is pegged to the price of gold, NAM, ORE, and HON will be pegged to precious metals in the following manner:

  • NAM: Silver
  • ORE: Platinum
  • HON: Palladium
  • DIG: Gold

We will publish instructions on how to buy these coins, and participate in the IBO (referral program) for ECHO when the information becomes available to us.

Thanks for reading!