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How to buy Oyster Pearl (PRL) in the UK

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Oyster Pearl (PRL) is an exciting new project that boasts a convincing real-world use case. The project seeks to provide online content creators with a blockchain-based alternative to serving users with adverts. Instead, website traffic’s computers will perform proof-of-work tasks in the background while visiting websites, and content creators will be rewarded for the sum of these minute processes. In order to buy the Oyster Pearl coin (PRL), we first need to buy Bitcoin (BTC), then send it to an exchange such as KuCoin…

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

In this method, you will trade BTC for PRL using Bittrex. Thus, in order to begin, you first need to acquire some Bitcoin (BTC)…

Buy Bitcoin: You can do this via the following self-explanatory services:

Click here for a detailed guide on buying BTC in the UK

Step 2: Trade Bitcoin for Oyster Pearl (PRL)

  1. Register for an account at KuCoin here
    1. Set up 2 factor authentication (2FA) for the necessary account security
  2. Send Bitcoin to your KuCoin wallet
    1. Head to Assets in the top menu
    2. Click Deposit next to Bitcoin
    3. Send your Bitcoin to the address that is revealed
  3. When your Bitcoin arrives in your KuCoin wallet, head to Markets
    1. Search PRL and click the PRL/BTC trading pair row
    2. Use the Buy PRL panel (pictured below) to fill out your order details
      1. NB: you may have to enter your 2FA code to access this panel
    3. Click Buy and wait for your order to be filled
  4. When your order is filled, your Pearl Coin (PRL) will appear in your PRL wallet under the Assets page
PRL order form KuCoin
Use this panel on KuCoin to order your PRL