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What is Syscoin?

Syscoin was intended to be a worldwide network comprised of an distributed ledger, decentralized database and blockchain based marketplace. Initially made in 2014 from a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, it was intended to make extra improvements to blockchain applications for organizations and buyers. The multi-purpose platform is intended for businesses to draw in with blockchain and DLT innovation giving critical advantages. The projects long haul objective is to eliminate mediators and put control legitimately back in the possession of traders and purchasers taking out charges. The Syscoin blockchain based decentralized marketplace BlockMarket rivals worldwide online business platforms Amazon and eBay yet conveys noteworthy advantages in productivity, lower expenses and works with more prominent straightforwardness. The general points Syscoin is to make a business grade services to help an assortment of business use cases.


Zcoin Coin Statistics  
Circulating Supply 548.904,178 SYS
Total Supply 888,000,000
All Time High $1.05
Blockchain Statistics  
Consensus Algorithm SHA256 (Bitcoin Fork)
Average Block Time 5 Minutes
Transaction Cost Near Zero Cost
Transaction Speed 1 Minute
Mining: Merge Mining (SHA256)
Block Explorer:
Social Media Statistics  
Twitter Followers 62,600
Telegram Group Users 3,903
Reddit 3,900


Syscoin has a long-standing history of creating advancements in blockchain technology. Its ever-developing network is comprised of expert engineers and devotees energetic about bringing cryptographic money to the standard. The undertaking had an underlying ICO in 2014 which raised around 1,000 BTC to help the tasks long haul vision. Syscoin has reliably brought out new undertakings, benefits and improving the current blockchain capacities and UI on its foundation. They have created solid vital associations with driving blockchain and installment handling associations including Blockchain Foundry, CoinPayments and Peer Mountain.

Syscoin & BlockMarket Capabilities

The Syscoin platform has created huge enhancements to the abilities of blockchain technology. Through the execution of new features on its foundation, Syscoin has become a main trend-setter as one of the primary ventures tending to the restricted business utilizes cases for Bitcoin..

The following features and improvements are available throughout the Syscoin platform:

Encrypted Messaging – Instant messaging capabilities with email like inbox/outbox communication secured and encrypted on the Syscoin network. Read More….

Escrow Services – Syscoin has escrow capabilities able to securely hold and release assets until such time as the terms of an agreement are met. Read More….

On-Chain Identities – Public and Private information digitally stored and to used fulfil KYC &AML obligations when grated access. Read More…

Proof of Ownership Certificates – Issue cryptographic blockchain certificates that can prove ownership, validate transactions and make authorisations. Read More….

Asset & Token Creation – Create and distribute assets on the Syscoin blockchain that can be transmitted in accordance with the protocol:

Read More….

Aliases – The platform enables you to create unique and recognizable Aliases when using Syscoin services, for example: James Personal, James Certificates. Read More….


Merge Mining

Merge mining is a process that empowers miners to mine more than one blockchain in turn and permits two distinct cryptocurrencies to be mined concurrently. The individual blockchains of the two coins are named the Parent and Auxiliary, with the Auxiliary being embedded into the part of the parent blockchain. The miners at that point utilize a similar calculation to hash and secure the two squares being remunerated by each blockchain for the processing power sent.
As Syscoin was forked from Bitcoin it has a similar hash algorithm SHA256 for mining. Merge mining encourages Syscoin to build the general hash power making sure about the organization riding on registering power sent to other blockchain networks.



The Blockmarket platform shapes the establishment of Syscoin’s business and business administrations. Created in a joint effort with Blockchain Foundry, the stage is profoundly trusted and fuctional for clients. This decentralized marketpalce has a wide scope of accessible administrations running on the Syscoin blockchain utalizing SYS.
The Syscoin blockchain protocol permits the two people and organizations to exchange products, administrations, information and computerized authentications. These exchanges are recorded and made sure about to the blockchain information with ease to clients. The fundamental focal point of the commercial center is to permit shoppers and organizations to straightforwardly exchange with each other without outsiders or go betweens charging expenses while staying secure.

Speed and Efficiency

As more masternodes have been conveyed to the network in 2018, the Syscoin blockchain and BlockMarket can faciliate up to 300,000 TPS. This has improved the fuctionality as scaleability of the Syscoin blockchain, as microtransactions can be all the more effortlessly handled and made sure about. Regardless of whether you are a purchaser, dealer or vendor, the Syscoin Platform can smooth out your online business exercises and develver reserve funds and security to shoppers.

Where to store Syscoin

The Syscoin wallet version 3.2 can be downloaded from the official GitHub page:

The wallet is compatible Mac and Windows platforms. There’s similarly a mobile wallet available for holding Syscoin with Coinomi. Support for hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor has been announced and said to be coming soon.

The BlockMarket wallet can also be downloaded from the official GitHub page:

It is highly recommended you keep you coins safe in a safe wallet and make sure you create a valid back up to hold emergency access.

Where to Buy Syscoin

You can purchase Syscoin (SYS) from the Binance website against major fiat currencies. Coins purchased will be sent to the provided Syscoin wallet address or can be held with our cold wallet service.


Syscoin separates itself from different cryptocurrencies as its core focus is offering decentralized types of assistance to clients and organizations. The venture has a completely practical stage, upheld by huge quantities of dynamic vendors and buyers. Its almost zero charges make it a fantastically appealing coin to utilize when executing, purchasing and selling. The progressing improvement of the Syscoin blockchain and ace hub framework implies it equipped for preparing high volumes of exchanges without any difficulty. The task intends to additionally build up their decentralized information bases and document stockpiling administrations, speed up and include brilliant agreement capacities with boundless applications business use cases. The group has reliably shown its capacity to bring out new abilities and push toward increased cryptocurrency adoption.

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