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What is Groestlcoin?

Groestlcoin is a longtime cryptocurrency with a incredibly active community and development team supporting it. Its main objective is to form an electronic payment system, decentralised in nature and independent from the control of centralized authorities. Its blockchain relies on the Grostl-512 mining algorithm, from which the team named decided to call the project after. The native coin GRS operates on its own distinctive blockchain, designed with privacy, low fees and scalability in mind. The network promotes peer-to-peer transactions which might be supported through TOR network to preserve user anonymity. it had been the primary Cryptocurrency to activate SegWit in January 2017 additionally to supporting the Lightning Network.

Zcoin Coin Statistics  
Circulating Supply 71,000,000 GRS
Total Supply 105,000,000 GRS
All Time High $2.60
Blockchain Statistics  
Consensus Algorithm PoW/PoS
Average Block Time 1 Minute
Transaction Cost Almost Zero
Transaction Speed 1 Minute
Mining: Grostl-512 Mining Algorithm
Block Explorer:
Social Media Statistics  
Twitter Followers 38,400
Telegram Members 3,575
Reddit 107,000


Groestlcoin was released in March 2014 with the goal to progress blockchain innovation. Since beginning the activities group have reliably evolved and delivered new and creative highlights for blockchain innovation. The task was dispatched with an underlying premine of coins which has since been utilized for advancement. At first made as a Proof-of-Work coin it later embraced a crossover Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake agreement instrument. Its establishing guideline is to make an electronic installment model dependent on numerical verification. The Groestlcoin blockchain works autonomous from the impact of concentrated specialists and advances reasonable and decentralized blockchain. It was one of the principal activities to empower SegWit on its blockchain and backing improvement of the Lightning Network. GRS is generally viewed as one of the most innovatively progressed digital forms of money with a committed network supporting turn of events. The Groestlcoin group have a demonstrated history in propelling the applications for blockchain innovation. There are new highlights and improvements delivered like clockwork, making Groestlcoin an extraordinarily straightforward task that plainly states where its time and assets are conveyed. You can see the status of the apparent multitude of reported redesigns and track advancement by visiting the Groestlcoin progress improvement page. progress/

Groestlcoin Capabilities & Features

The Groestlcoin blockchain has a few distinctive highlights and administrations that separates it from different undertakings. Its blockchain is impervious to ASIC excavators and mining ranches, making it a protected and decentralized organization. This urges clients to draw in with each other shared and advances reasonable appropriation among all hubs keeping up the blockchain. The Groestlcoin group conveys genuine incentive to the undertaking through the steady arrival of new highlights and upgrades. These improvements are frequently bleeding edge and drives Groestlcoin forward as well as assists with developing the whole blockchain industry. It has been appeared after some time that these new inventive highlights become perceived by the more extensive blockchain network and assisting with bringing groundbreaking thoughts, clients and individuals to the Groestlcoin biological system.

Sub Atomic Fees

The Groestlcoin blockchain is able to process transactions with almost zero fees, because of the efficiently of its network. By deploying Lightning Network technology on its blockchain, GRS operates with near instant transactions regardless of confirmation times. This also serves as the foundation for scaling up to billions of transactions per second with low fees and cross-blockchain transactions.

Block Explorer & Wallets

Groestlcoin has their own square pioneer containing public records of coins available for use, exchanges and addresses. This gives the undertaking believability and serves to help the drawn out development of the venture. The venture additionally has delivered a wide range of wallets viable with holding GRS. There have been 11 wallets delivered for Android, 10 for Blackberry, 3 for IOS and more than 10 accessible for work areas. Most Cryptocurrencies battle to create their own blockchain, wayfarer and wallets. Groestlcoin had the option to create and delivered applications for numerous stages in record timing permitting practically any client and working framework to incorporate with GRS.

GRS Payments

Groestlcoin one of the main digital forms of money equipped for being sent through SMS or email. The group delivered this at an early stage and it has demonstrated to be one of the most utilized blockchain highlights. There are numerous shops and installment processors all through the world that have coordinated and acknowledge Groestlcoin. Nuclear compensation is an official accomplice for the task, its application urges distributed exchanges through a trust less condition, wiping out the requirement for outsiders. There is likewise a pre-loaded check card accessible which is incorporated with GRS. The Visa Electron card permits you to execute secretly without requiring individual data, for example, an ID or ledger data to be given. The card is viable with all customary retail location shippers and can be connected to a safe wallet holding GRS

Samourai Wallet

The project has built and integrated Groestlcoin and GRS into the Samourai wallet application. This allows users to keep your communications, identity and transaction private. The Samourai wallet can operate within TOR’s global anonymity network maximising the privacy options for users. A stealth mode is also supported which can make the wallet disappear from your phones home screen, app and launcher.


GroestlTip is a tipping administrations worked for video transfers on stages, for example, YouTube or Twitch. The people group built up this administration and application that incorporates with live transfer recordings and takes into consideration Groestlcoin tips to be gotten from watchers. This is another case of how the Groestlcoin group and continually bringing out new highlights for GRS.

Mining GRSs

Groestlcoin can be mined utilizing both CPU and GPU. The half and half PoW/PoS framework considers a truly steady and secure blockchain that doesn’t need a lot of figuring capacity to be sent. The mining calculation has been advanced to devour negligible measures of vitality when performing hashing estimations. This makes the GRS network very force productive, bringing about a reasonable, circulated and unprejudiced blockchain. The mining block reward is fixed at 5 GRS per block, this assists with overseeing future desires for network trouble. Data on the best way to engage in mining GRS is accessible on the official site. is a straightforward program accessible to mine GRS called EasyMiner. It tends to be downloaded and will consequently associate with a mining pool and offer square rewards.


Groestlcoin holders can produce awards by marking coins on the organization. There is a yearly financing cost of 2% set for those marking GRS inside their wallets. Marking assists with advancing secure the organization and gives awards to those effectively contributing and supporting the organization.

Where to store Groestlcoin

The official wallets for Groestlcoin including Groestlcoin Samourai accessible for download from the site page: is a wide assortment of wallets accessible including work area, portable, web, paper wallets and others. This makes it extremely simple and fast to get set up with a wallet holding GRS. There are plans for Groestlcoin to coordinate with Exodus wallet during 2019. Equipment wallet suppliers, for example, Ledger and Trezor likewise uphold Groestlcoin wallets over a scope of their gadgets. Data on the best way to set up an equipment wallet with these suppliers can be found by visiting: wallets/

It is energetically suggested you guard you coins in a protected wallet and guarantee you make a back up to hold crisis access.

Where to Buy Groestlcoin

You can buy Groestlcoin (GRS) from the Binance site here. GRS can traded against major fiat currencies GBP and EUR.


Groestlcoin is improving blockchain innovation and taking care of innumerable issues inborn with different digital currencies. With GRS being intended to be ASIC safe, it empowers decentralization among partners and allies. It has a demonstrated history of advancement, constructing new applications for blockchain innovation. It is generally perceived for driving cryptographic money selection and fundamental to the advancement of the blockchain business. The solid spotlight on client protection and namelessness exhibits the task has put the necessities of its client at the center of the venture. There are numerous future applications for GRS and its blockchain, making it an extraordinary venture to be engaged with and hold long haul.

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