Cryptocurrency: Nexus (NXS)

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What is Nexus?

Nexus a peer-to-peer network and distributed framework powered by Digital Currency NXS. The network aim to provide improvements to the Speed, Scalability, Security & Accessibility of blockchain protocols and technology. The project is developing a quantum-resistant three-dimensional blockchain merged with a ground-based mesh network and a global communication network which utilises satellites in orbit. This innovative method of utilising blockchain is impressive and audacious but has the immense capability to change the way we interact with the internet and cryptocurrencies.

Nexus Coin Statistics  
Circulating Supply 57,707,886 NXS
Total Supply 78,000,000 NXS
All Time High $12.73
Blockchain Statistics  
Consensus Algorithm Three-Dimensional Chain (3DC).
Average Block Time 50 Seconds
Transaction Cost 0.01 NXS
Transaction Speed 5 Minutes
Mining: CPU & GPU (ASIC Resistant)
Staking: Yes 1,000 NXS
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Social Media Statistics  
Twitter Followers 20,800
Telegram Group Users 2,950
Reddit 3,500

Team, Partnerships and Roadmap

The Nexus team originates from a technical pool who have a proven track record in providing exceptional software architecture. CEO and lead developer Colin Cantrell has been head of Nexus since the project’s beginning in September 2014. He has various expertise in fields such as quantum physics, advanced coding and decentralised peer-to-peer network, these skills form a strong foundation that has propelled the project further into progress. The other members of the team are comprised of individuals with high levels pf experience in software development and aerospace engineering to provide additional support to the Nexus project and its ambitious objectives.

Nexus has a tenacious and historical partnership with Vector Space Systems which is an aerospace company which will be used to launch their satellite network. Jim Cantrell is the CEO and Co-founder of Vector and is Colin Cantrell’s father which reinforces the close relationship between the two organisations. Nexus additionally has a partnership with ‘SingularityNET’ to deliver blockchain architecture for the projects decentralised AI network.

Nexus Decentralised Consensus

Nexus utilizes three channels to secure and safeguard the network from any potential attacks. The channels are Prime Channel, Hashing Channel and Proof-of-holdings.

⦁ Prime Channel is a Proof-of-work consensus algorithm. The miners employed use trial and error to hunt for a complex 308-digit prime cluster. This mining method is ASIC-resistant which means anyone can contribute to it using a basic CPU and mine using this channel.

⦁ Hashing Channel is an additional Proof-of-work consensus that uses Hashcash. This is like the Bitcoin mining algorithm SHA-256, however the miner’s search for SHA-3 and Nexus block hashes are 4x the size of Bitcoins. Anyone using a GPU can mine on this channel. (GPU link)

⦁ Proof-of-Holdings is used to secure the network. It uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus method comparable to those used by coins like NEO. You earn freshly minted Nexus (NXS) through constant holding and staking.

Nexus Network Hardware & Infrastructure

For them to achieve the projects vision for “Decentralising on Decentralisation” Nexus operates three-tiered global telecommunications network; Mesh Network, the Cube Satellites and Ground Stations.

Mesh Network

The mesh network gives access to anybody around the globe operating a node and partake in mining and maintaining the network. Via the mesh network nodes and miners can join forces to work out intricate computations collectively instead of competing against one another. The cooperation exhibited serves to dispense network data reasonably and fairly while providing equal rewards and opportunity for participation.

Satellite Network

Through the association with Vector Space System Nexus aspires to be the first blockchain network operational in space and low earth orbit. Having built up its own satellites called CubeSats, these will be dispatched into space and used to store blockchain signature information working as full nodes on the Nexus blockchain network. Nexus imagines it will have made its own group of stars with many CubeSat satellites in circle by 2025. The satellite network once sent will be utilized to give a global decentralized internet.

Ground Stations

Nexus ground stations link the mesh networks to the satellite network in orbit. This uplink/downlink operation will improve the scale and balance data transmission and sustain global network coverage.

Where to Buy Nexus

Nexus can be bought on the BC Bitcoin website; all you must do is head over to the Buy Coins page where you can place an order for NXS. Here you can use either EUR or GBP to purchase NXS.

Where to store Nexus

Nexus has produced an official wallet to hold NXS. This can be run on desktop devices running on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can store NXS on exchange but it is strongly recommended you keep your coins secure and maintain control. You can only stake your coins and benefit from preserving the network when they are in the official Nexus wallet.

You can purchase Nexus from the BC Bitcoin website against GBP and EUR:


Nexus is one of the most audacious blockchain ventures, its missions is to create future blockchain technology that will push the limits of decentralization. Its orbital mesh network can possibly rethink blockchain technology as we probably are of aware it and remove control from any legislature or mining pool syndications. Having three consensus mechanisms set up, Nexus is one of the main ventures tending to quantum resistance and other expected future issues with blockchain. adopted strategies make Nexus a possibly extraordinary venture to engage with and hold long haul. Undertaking such fantastic difficulties isn’t without hazard yet those supporting Nexus remain to increase a great deal from its prosperity.

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