Update: January 2023

Nuri is no longer operational. If you’re looking for the best Crypto Bank, we recommend Revolut. Check out our complete review of Crypto Friendly banks in the UK

Nuri is a German-based banking platform that is innovative and provides unique services that link traditional finances with cryptocurrency technology catered to the UK and the rest of the EEA. It is the first of its kind as it offers multiple services in the aspect of traditional banking and a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. 

Not just that, it also has trading services and a bunch of other crypto investment features including a debit card for European users that can be used to spend your fiat balance and even your crypto balance. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Nuri app review and some of its crypto specific features along with the background, pros & cons of the Nuri App. We will cover all aspects so you can take a final decision and conclude if Nuri is the right app-based bank for you.

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Introducing Nuri 

Let’s start with the basics, how did the name Nuri come into action? 

New Reality = Nu Ri = Nuri

Nuri was formerly known as Bitwala which has an attractive customer base with over 300K+ users and provides a €100,000 deposit guarantee. All this for a €0 monthly charge. 

Among the tons of crypto banking and investing apps out there, Nuri is one of the simplest and most trusted ones as it is backed by plenty of reputed venture capitalists such as Global Brain, HTGF, Alstin Capital and more. 

This concept of modern banking offered by Nuri lets users experience traditional banking with direct access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With Nuri, the major inconvenience of transferring funds between banks to crypto wallets is eliminated. 

For example, you don’t have to wait to move your funds between your bank and euros, thereby making it perfect for Brits and the rest of the EEA. According to Nuri, once you sell the crypto from your Nuri crypto wallet, the funds will be added to your account within 30 minutes of the sale.

And to make it even more convenient, Nuri has apps available across all platforms. Right from a beautifully designed web app to mobile apps.

Additionally, their Bitcoin Interest account provides interest rates up to 5% annually. And, they also provide their own Nuri Debit card that can be used for paying your bills, making transactions, etc.

Getting Started

Getting started with Nuri is pretty simple and straightforward. 

Step 1: Head on to Nuri.

Step 2: All you have to do is sign-up and do the necessary KYC like uploading relevant documents and going through a short identity verification procedure. 

Once complete, Nuri provides its users with their very own IBAN number and a non-custodial BTC + ETH wallet. This means users can not only use it as a traditional bank like paying bills, receiving a salary, sending money to different accounts but also to trade crypto with a single click, seamlessly. 

In terms of Crypto wallets, a seed phrase will be provided to the users. Make sure to backup or write down the seed phrase in a secure location. This will help you recover your crypto wallet in case you forget the password. 

Nuri App features 

All in one bank account: Be it traditional euros or cryptocurrency, Nuri supports and lets users receive & spend in the desired way. 

1% Crypto trading fee: Nuri lets users buy or sell crypto directly from their bank account at a 1% fee per transaction. 

Bitcoin Interest account: Nuri lets users earn up to 5% interest on their Bitcoin holdings. This is done with a partnership with Celcius Network.

Non-custodial wallets: Nuri provides non-custodial wallets with seed phrases to its users. This means Nuri doesn’t have access to your account or keys.

100k Deposit guarantee: Nuri is a German regulated bank and funds up to €100,000 are protected under the German Deposit Guarantee scheme. 

Free Debit card with global payment: Nuri provides a free debit card and lets users convert crypto to euro on the go at the lowest fees and pay their bills.

Pros and cons of Nuri 


  • Seamless trading between Euros, Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Available across platforms – Web App, Android, iOS
  • Regulated under the German Banking scheme 
  • Supported and backed by reputed VCs
  • Good interest rates on Bitcoin 
  • Available across 70+ nations
  • Decent customer support
  • Free VISA debit card with unlimited monthly withdrawals


  • Available only in the EEA countries
  • Maximum trading is limited to 30,000 per week
  • Missing support for Stablecoins 
  • No support for GBP, only EUR deposits & withdrawals allowed 
  • Limited to BTC and ETH, no other cryptocurrencies 

Nuri Fees 

As mentioned earlier, there’s no fee to open a Nuri account or maintain it. 

But you will be charged a small fee every time you buy or sell cryptocurrency through Nuri. 

Here’s a small chart with the current trading fee on Nuri:

Nury Crypto wallet Nuri Crypto vault 
Buying Fee 1% 1%
Selling Fee 1% 1%
Network Fee – Buy Free €1
Network Fee – Sell Free Acc to current network rate


You can check in-depth pricing chart here : Nuri Pricing

Platform availability – web app & mobile app

Nuri has its own web app and mobile app: both have an attractive interface and are natively available in both English and German. In terms of currency support, Nuri’s webapp currently supports only EUR/USD and not other denominations. 

The web app gives you all the necessary information you need, right from showing the transaction history, to an overview of your total balance. Similarly, the balances for the cryptocurrency are presented the same way along with how much interest you have accumulated. 

How to open an account on Nuri

The account opening process on Nuri is super simple, straightforward and completely digital. All you have to do is head on to Nuri, and complete the fully-online KYC process. It also supports up to 70+ nationalities residing in the EEA. 

Customer Service

Nuri has a dedicated customer support team who are available on both phone & email. There’s no live chat service but there’s a chatbot to help you with basic queries. The support team works only according to the German Standard time business hours. 

Nuri also has its own help center with almost all the basic questions. If you need any other information, you can contact them via email or a phone call. 

Here’s some information which can come in handy: 

  • Phone: +49 30 2398 0075
  • Email: support@nuri.com

So, is Nuri worth it?

We rate Nuri highly, and believe the seamless integration of normal banking with cryptocurrency might be the next big thing. 

Also, there’s little to lose by trying Nuri out, with zero fees for opening an account and a free debit card to spend internationally.

If you are from Europe you have more advantages as the debit card they offer can also be used to spend your crypto balance directly through your debit card. 

In terms of cryptocurrency, Nuri supports only ETH & BTC and provides a non-custodial digital wallet. The pricing of cryptocurrency in the app is comparatively higher than the available price on popular exchanges like Binance or Coinbase Pro.

So, if you are looking for seamless integration to bridge your traditional money with cryptocurrency, then Nuri is one of the best available options.

FAQs about Nuri 

Does Nuri work in the UK?

Yes, Nuri works in the UK and beyond: specifically, the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and the UK.

Is Nuri Trustworthy in the UK?

Yes, we believe so. Considering their history, Nuri has been breach free in terms of security and bank regulations. Additionally, they also provide a non-custodial crypto wallet.

How long does the Nuri transfer take?

The transfers happening between the SEPA zone takes around 1 to 3 working days to arrive in the recipient’s bank account.