Plain, previously known as Pchain is available for trade in very few exchanges. So the best approach to buy Plain is to first buy Bitcoin and then exchange it for PI.

Plain (PI) Price in UK

Current Price: £0.0023 24hr: 2.03%

What is Plain (PI)?

Plain is a proof-of-stake multichain blockchain network that supports various protocols, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It has a unique consensus mechanism that promises almost instant transactions that are scalable, without compromising on the security.

Buy Plain (PI)

If you’re looking to buy Plain, you first need Bitcoin. If you already have Bitcoin, head on to step 2.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

You may wish to trade Bitcoin for PI on another exchange. This is also a great option if you’re looking to buy other cryptocurrencies, as having Bitcoin makes trading on exchanges easy. In this guide, we will use Binance exchange. Note that you can achieve the same result in an easier manner by depositing GBP to Binance, in accordance with Option 2.

This guide assumes you already have Bitcoin. If you don’t, you can buy Bitcoin at any of the following options:

  • BC Bitcoin (recommended; buy with £GBP or €EUR)
  • (recommended; buy with £GBP)
    • Sign up for an account and buy BTC straight away with your debit or credit card, or bank transfer.
  • Local Bitcoins (buy with £GBP)
    • Buy BTC from other Brits using bank transfer.
  • Coinbase (buy with EUR)

or, click here for a detailed guide on buying BTC in the UK

Waiting for a bank transfer or verification? Get a head-start by signing up for your Binance account while you wait…

Step 2: BTC->PI

Once you have Bitcoin, you can exchange it for Plain. At the time of writing this article, there are only three exchanges we’d recommend for this:

Once you’ve signed up to one of the above exchanges, withdraw your Bitcoin from BC Bitcoin and deposit into the exchange of your choice. You can then instantly trade it for Plain.