£15M for 262 Bitcoin BTC, MicroStrategy’s’ Latest Crypto Purchase

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One week ago, business intelligence firm MicroStrategy increased the size of their portfolio with the purchase of 205 Bitcoins holding a sizable 91,604 Bitcoin (BTC) and have now reasserted their enthusiasm in the crypto market with another substantial reinvestment.

With MicroStrategy infamous Bitcoin purchases back in 2020, the organisation has consistently made headlines. This case has seen MicroStrategy purchase 262 BTC for $15 million at an average price of $57,000, yet again turning heads in the crypto space.

The CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor confirmed in a tweet that the firm now holds a total of 91,326 Bitcoin (BTC) and has plans to hodl (meaning to hold long term). At the time of publication, the total value of their accumulated Bitcoin is more than $5 billion based on the current market rate. Saylor stated that the firms Bitcoin purchases averaged at $24,214 per coin overall.

Currently, MicroStrategy is the largest independent publicly traded business intelligence company with a leading analytics program. The company have persistently invested into Bitcoin since 2020, so despite being relatively new to cryptocurrency, MicroStrategy continues to make huge Bitcoin investments on a regular, yet unpredictable basis.

MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, forecasts that 2021 is going to be a prosperous year for Bitcoin investing. The company has closely backed these words with actions as MicroStrategy continues to be in the headlines for its enormous Bitcoin transactions.

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