5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2018

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Happy New Year to all of our readers! Thanks once again for your ongoing support, we have been overwhelmed by how many visitors we’ve received, and love hearing all of your messages and helping you with issues and queries.

Below, we share a quick run-down of 5 coins we’ve got our eye on for 2018…

Note: None of the below is investment advice; it’s just a collection of coins the Crypto Buyers Club UK team are excited about.

1. Waltonchain (WTC)

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Waltonchain integrates the Internet of Things with Blockchain technology in order to provide transparent, traceable, and efficient solutions to businesses. Think RFID tags on parcels, synced to a blockchain. Waltonchain has already secured a number of contracts with governments and companies, and we’re excited to see what comes of 2018 for this great project. Compared to other altcoins, WTC has traded relatively in a relatively stable manner, perhaps due to being under-marketed. With an accomplished team and some relevant real-world use cases such as logistics and warehousing, we believe the Waltonchain project will be a big player in 2018.

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2. Raiblocks (XRB)

Raiblocks has already seen a meteoric rise in value in the latter months of 2017, but we think there’s still room for this project to grow. The impressive development team promises free, real-time transactions without the often-excessive energy consumption and transaction delays. Impressive decentralisation and energy efficiency makes the coin very scalable, and the dev team is very active.

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3. Ark (ARK)

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We’ve long been fans of the Ark project, and beyond it’s backend tech we love the wallet that allows owners of Ark to vote for ‘delegates’ and be rewarded for it. The Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) system also results in far less energy consumption than other coins like Bitcoin. The Ark project seeks to be an ‘ecosystem’ – a one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency needs (right through from point-of-sale solutions for merchants to smart contracts and dApps). This ambitious project is backed by a committed team that steers clear of hype, and instead sticks to transparent timelines which thus far have been delivered. We think the future is bright for Ark in 2018.

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We think IOTA is the natural competitor to Raiblocks, offering a scalable network and zero-fee transactions. It’s also been in development since 2015, during which time the development team has built some strong partnerships. The IOTA price began to take off in late November of 2017, and has held steady around $4 since. We’re holding onto our IOTA in 2018, at least until Raiblocks makes an announcement that trumps IOTA outright.

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5. Request Network (REQ)

Buy Request Network UK LogoThis project has been dubbed the ‘new PayPal’, but it’s far more than that – the Request Network seeks to revolutionise the way we request payment through a decentralised invoicing and transaction network. Fees will be much cheaper than in traditional, centralised, solutions such as PayPal or credit cards, and the platform will be simplified in comparison to other cryptos which are often not newbie-friendly. We think the Request Network will continue to make traction in 2018.

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