Are 100 Cryptos going to Switch from Cardano to Ethereum, Hoskinson Believes So!

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Blockchain entrepreneur and founder of three cryptoasset start-ups Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, has affirmed his belief in an exodus from the Ethereum (ETH) network to Cardano (ADA), with as many as 100 crypto-based firms making the switch. Hoskinson continued to explain his reasoning, believing companies would depart Ethereum for Cardano now that the ADA network had reached full maturity.

During an interview with Bloomberg, Hoskinson was adamant in sharing his gratitude for the work the Cardano team had accomplished in the past couple of years. There was more praise offered by Hoskinson, declaring the recognition ADA has achieved in recent years.

“We did it right” said a confident Hoskinson going on further to say, although a more recent addition to the industry, the rise has been incredible. A memorable quote from Hoskinson then followed “It’s been a wild ride, broke to a billionaire in eight years is pretty crazy”.

Hoskinson admitted the rise in valuation of ADA had been a shock, but felt that the hard work and clear strategy was the driving force that made this happen.

The ADA corporation has recently announced its intention to carry out new programs such as the announced Goguen era. Cardano has often been credited for their regular updates on the offerings and brands available.

The upcoming Goguen update for the Cardano network will introduce smart contracts and other features, also announcing a number of upcoming blockchain-based operations before the close of the year. The recently released the Mary fork to update and increase efficiency of the Cardano blockchain, with Hoskinson stating the stability offered by Cardano was higher than Ethereum.