Investors Remain Hopeful for THETA Price Boom

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The term decentralised has become an increasingly desirable feature for cryptoasset investors. The trend can be seen across the cryptospace, a prime example would be the pull of Decentralised Exchanges (DEX’s) where participants trade amongst themselves adversely to dealing with a centralised exchange.

On the topic of decentralisation, a decentralised video streaming network has caught the attention of many with its cryptocurrency token THETA. With a price to buy the crypto fluctuating around the $8 figure at the time of writing. However, investors have been paying close attention to the coin despite the stagnation in its price. The THETA Network is purpose built to provide truly decentralised video streaming services powered by blockchain technology. The protocol has tasked itself with a mission to the moon that has been ongoing, with many of THETA’s hopeful hodlers (holders) backing its progression. The networks latest victory was its successful collaboration with ONE Championship, a martial arts network.

While many traders and holders alike are anticipating the price of THETA to reach $10, crypto news platform CoinQuora has foreseen that THETA will likely struggle to meet its price goals. The current resistance barrier for THETA is suggested to stand at $8.231, should they surpass this threshold, upcoming struggles could be seen at $10.124 and $13.262. As of writing, the current price to buy and sell THETA is trading around $8.01, now breaching the top 25 coins by market capitalisation.

According to analysts, should THETA break through all these resistance barriers, it could make an ideal foundation for a bull run for the crypto coin. Nevertheless, THETA is still yet to fully recuperate from its capitulation following its all-time-high (ATH) of $15.90.

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