Justin Sun Shares VTRX Listing Date on Deutsche Borse

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Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON (TRX) has recently announced to his fans on Twitter that investors will soon have the opportunity to buy TRON VTRX on Deutsche Borse. On September 21, VTRX will be listed on the German exchange. Justin Sun’s announcement represents a new milestone for the Tron Network as it enters the largest stock exchange in Europe.

According to Sun, Tron has long since received the approval from the German stock company as VanECK TRON ETN releases VTRX onto the platform. VTRX will be available across major European countries from September 21st, including Switzerland, France and The Netherlands.

TRON is a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocol, with an open-source blockchain aiming to help build a decentralised internet. The network has a native cryptocurrency dubbed TRX. Investors often flock to buy TRX because of the small transaction fees and fast transaction finality that can support 2000 transactions per second.

Deutsche Borse has gradually built a solid foundation amongst the cryptocurrency community by exhibiting its openness to trail DeFi products amongst its offerings. Furthermore, by listing VTRX, its proves that TRON has created a robust ecosystem. VanEck is also provides brand recognition and has a good reputation in cryptocurrency trading industry, as it is widely known as being on of the very first asset managers to create a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF, according to SEC records.

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