Lucky Lion and Alpaca Finance Announce Upcoming Collaboration Ahead of Gaming Event

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Lucky lion is a blockchain-based game developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. A recent announcement has confirmed the collaboration with a major lending protocol and yield farming NFT platform. The announcement was made prior to the games internal event, iGaming, which starts in mid-October. Lucky Lions’ new partnerships are to include Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) and LatteSwap. According to the GameFi, Lucky Lion is looking forward to engaging with the proactive investors from both yield farming platforms. The group of engaged investors from both LatteSwap and Alpaca Finance communities are reportedly spreading the news and generating activity, but Lucky Lion is particularly interested in investors based in Asia.

Reportedly, during the Lucky Lion’s iGaming event, participants can enter by staking the GameFi native cryptoasset LUCKY. Staking participants can have the option to stake their tokens into a sharing pool or gain the opportunity to play iGaming in hopes of winning one of the jackpots. According to Alpaca Finance, the protocol helps users to earn stable yields.

Users that buy ALPACA tokens can be used to attain governance rights and to be whitelisted to buy future NFT projects. Investors can Buy ALPACA coins through popular exchange platforms such as Binance, KuCoin, BCBitcoin and more. LatteSwap is a self-described “Caffeine-filled” DEX platform on the BSC network, a network fully integrated with NFTs. The LatteSwap DEX has an arsenal of features including a fully functioning exchange, yield farming services, liquidity pools and borrowing services.
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