NFTs May Provide a Gateway for More Women to Delve into Crypto

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It has been recently reported that women are an underrepresented demographic in the cryptoasset trading industry. As the crypto community grows and new DeFi products and services are introduced, many anticipate the gender-gap could be partly bridged with the emergence of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects.

The founder and host of Women in Blockchain Talks, Lavinia Osbourne, has also affirmed that non-fungible tokens could be the vehicle to bring more women to the crypto community and provide exposer to blockchain technology more widely.

Through the ongoing pandemic, subsequent lockdowns and economic consequences, many across the globe face financial uncertainty and a loss of job security. According to Osbourne a prime example is that many have had to face unemployment and redundancy. The turmoil has resulted in more people being driven to online sources leading to more women being plunged into the crypto investment community after leaving their careers.

Lavina talks in depth regarding the surge in popularity and media coverage of the cryptocurrency bull run in leading up to early 2021 and the explosive predominance of NFTs, which has ultimately attracted creative and artistic individuals to cryptocurrency.

Osbourne is quoted as saying “I think NFTs are a good pathway to entice people into the space.”

Her claims were later substantiated by the success of an NFT project recently supported by That ‘70s Show and Family Guy star Mila Kunis.

The NFT project was started during the peak of the pandemic, in an industry she has described as a “very masculine area.” However, despite the apparent gender dominance she pioneered the NFT project light heartedly named ‘Stoner Cats’, which has a show dedicated to the project which features Hollywood celebrities and prominent members of the crypto community. On the launch of the project, it sold over 10,000 NFTs in under 35 minutes and has premiered the first episode of the associated show. 

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