Russian Investors Show Preference for Bitcoin

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Bitcoin (BTC) has been sweeping Russia, as nationals acquire an appetite for crypto investments, a trend that has been gradually increasing in recent years. In recent news the results of a survey support the claim that Russians are increasingly opting for Digital Gold as the preference for Bitcoin grows in comparison to traditional gold investments.

According to a survey conducted by the Russian Association of Currency Broker (AFD), the data reports that most investors prefer Bitcoin over the time-tested commodity Gold. The data was sampled from a total of 502 Russian investors that were questioned. The results confirmed that approximately 77% of participants preferred Bitcoin amongst other cryptoassets due to its ‘forward-thinking’ mechanisms.

The statistics reveal a significant attention difference between the assets, with Gold and FX only attracting 8.8% and 14% respectively. Surprisingly, only 23% have never invested in a digital currency before. The 77% that was for Bitcoin have said they would invest again in the near future, whereas only 7.6% were against the idea of crypto, the remaining 15.4% not casting an opinion.

The survey does provide plenty of insight into the attitudes amongst Russian investors that increasingly see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as valid investments as stated by AFD CEO Evgeny Masharov. The AFD CEO added that the evidence shows that investors do not see cryptocurrency as a “hype product” a belief still held by a minority. Reportedly, the survey will be presented to the Bank of Russia and the State Duma Committee on Financial markets. 

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