Small Pizza Company’s $200K Bitcoin Investment Joins the Big Players Strategy

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There are many well-known companies that have invested in Bitcoin (BTC), it can be said the biggest player is MicroStrategy. They have been purchasing large quantities of Bitcoin in recent months however, there is room in the market for smaller entrepreneurs. Yet another pizza and Bitcoin link has surfaced recently. A happily married couple owning a pizzeria business have confirmed how jointly they purchased $200,000 worth of Bitcoin, currently sitting with a return on investment (ROI) of 350%.

The purchase of Bitcoin has become incredibly popular with global companies and organisations investing billions of dollars. Well-known names as Tesla, MicroStrategy, Square and Coinshares have hit headlines with their Bitcoin investments.

What can be said of the investment opportunity of the underdogs in this sphere? The fluctuating nature of Bitcoin and cryptoassets could be off-putting for most, especially as the Bitcoin market can be described as a speculative market addition with only a recent 12-year history.

Co-owner and husband Greg Hathorn having publicly backed Michael Saylor, praising Square’s recent purchase of $170M of Bitcoin, said he and his wife’s company transferred $200K for an investment in Bitcoin.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

This is the crucial question for many newcomers to the community, many analysts have questioned why a business owner would decide to invest in Bitcoin. Greg did acknowledge he could be considered a late adopter but maintained, that this was positive news as Bitcoin is reaching higher levels of awareness across the Internet.

Greg stated the moment for this purchase decision was back in April 2020, during a pivotal period for the crypto markets and companies also. COVID-19 was declared officially a global pandemic, the news was not taken lightly in stock markets, with considerable downswing trends in markets.

Bitcoin did not meet the same fate. In fact, it rose to all-time highs in the following year. Greg stated there is confidence being generated in the crypto markets, which he indicated has the ability to garner further interest and awareness. Greg believes that further fame and acceptability for Bitcoin could be reached with the prospect of a Bitcoin ETF.

Is Bitcoin a Normal Investment?

Despite many big names with Bitcoin investments, it is still not standard practice for smaller and larger businesses to acquire Bitcoin or cryptoassets. Greg is resolute in stating that all owners and executives from the smallest to the largest would be wise to “Educate themselves on Bitcoin” prior to arriving at a decision to invest in Bitcoin as well.