Twitter to Implement BTC Tipping Feature to Pay Platform Influencers

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Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and its subsequent adoption worldwide has been growing year on year. Around the world, Bitcoin and digital currencies are becoming more mainstream, areas such as London are seeing Bitcoin ATMs popping up and companies are becoming far more open to accepting Bitcoin as a payment method to reach more potential customers. Bitcoins’ latest stride toward worldwide adoption is underway with social media giant Twitter as rumors emerge that they may implement a new payment feature that is Bitcoin (BTC) inclusive.

Twitter’s newest work-in-progress is featured to allow users to tip their favourite content creators and posters, the news has galvanised the crypto media circle. While the feature is yet to be formally introduced, it’s reported that there is an IOS beta version. According to MacRumours, in a recent test, “Tip Jar” was added to the Twitter code that could introduce a gateway to allow Bitcoin investments to become commonplace on Twitter.

Back in May, Twitter’s tip jar function was announced, this enables the massive platform to support monetisation between artists, influencers, fans and peers. Currently, there is no known timeframe for when the Bitcoin (BTC) feature will be made accessible to the public despite the project already being tested by beta users. Reportedly, the social media platform CEO at the time, Jack Dorsey, has told BTC PEERS that Bitcoin trading could be a significant part of Twitters future. If this is confirmed Bitcoin will be set to join other viable payment alternatives such as Paypal, Cash App, and Venmo in the Tip Jar feature.

Should Bitcoin be introduced to a massive audience via Twitter, this will provide further momentum for cryptocurrency adoption worldwide. Further reports suggest Bitcoin tipping on Twitter will likely be done through Strike, a global instant payment network. If the two companies collaborate with the Bitcoin protocol the outcome would represent a major milestone for Bitcoin infrastructure.   

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