XinFin begins Collaborations with Guarda Wallet Services and Simple

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XinFin Network and Guarda Wallets partnership offers a range of benefits for both parties and their userbase. The Simplex-powered wallet services Guarda has introduced a range of services for XinFin (XDC) and now facilitates the purchase of XinFin (XDC) through global bank transfer, apple pay and credit/debit card payments.

XDC’s network and hybrid blockchain infrastructure has undergone a new integration to the native XDC network token with the ability to pay for transactions and smart contact functionality. The implementations and new fiat bridges ultimately benefit the network by improving its accessibility and utility. 

Guardas recent partnership with industry leader Simplex represents a fast-tracked experience for investors to acquire XDC and have the cryptoasset deposited directly into their wallet through the multitude of new payment possibilities. Whilst reaping the benefits, Simplex’s expertise in ecommerce and payment management to provide a comprehensive exchange procedure.

Guarda is a wallet that supports a range of cryptoassets that can be accessed through desktop and mobile as well as through a browser extension. Guarda’s service covers over 50 blockchain technologies spanning thousands of tokens and various stablecoins. Despite the new payment capabilities being introduced recently, Guarda has supported XinFin (XDC) since 2020.

The hybrid blockchain protocol, XinFin’s XDC network is designed to attract talented developers and enterprise clients. XinFin plans to leverage the work carried out by J.P Morgan regarding the Quorum project and complete its development. The project is trajected towards enterprises but carries the valuable intrinsic properties of the Ethereum network. Since XinFin’s inception, it has experienced success in forming partnerships to geared towards mainstream integration and the adoption of blockchain integration more broadly, utilising its XDPoS consensus mechanism to guarantee performance to further prove its efficiency.

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