Cryptocurrency to be Studied in Georgian Schools

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Cryptocurrencies have crossed yet another milestone. The passing of a bill calling for the addition of cryptoassets and blockchain technologies to be implemented in the curriculum of high school students in the State of Georgia, have set a new precedent for the industry.

In the movement to provide students with a well-rounded financial education, the Georgia House of Reps now demand that state education incorporate cryptocurrency curriculum learning in classes. The bill has the endorsement of six Republican candidates, was passed early last week and has now been raised to the Senate pending further deliberations. If the bill can surmount the Senate, it will require students from tenth grade and above to complete the program, which contains 16 different areas of study pertaining to financial literacy.

Additionally, the proposal will offer traditional finance aspects such as balancing cheque books, loans, investment and tax assessments, to encompass both new and existing financial instruments. However, it is still uncertain the extent to which the classes will go in educating students in cryptocurrency, the move has still proven to be a victory for the industry and an indicator towards its mass adoption.

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