Cryptocurrency Trading from your Mobile Phone

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With the ever-increasing popularity and appeal of cryptoasset trading, would it not feel great to access the markets through an app on your mobile phone? The ability to perform tasks such as rectify issues, resolve questions and trade on the move, for example to buy and sell Bitcoin. It is known that many users are consistently trading and will therefore choose their platform based on speed and convenience. The obvious benefits that an app provides is plain to see, it would make purchasing cryptocurrencies simpler, more convenient and time efficient. An upcoming choice has emerged amongst these day traders in the market in the form of MobyTraders.

The app MobyTraders, which is backed by the MobyTronic team, was created to assist and provide trading on crypto markets to the masses. The app is now available on all major mobile phones on Android or iOS. It provides various financial options and is welcoming to the beginner as well as detailed for the veteran trader. MobyTraders has sought and acquired an advantage over fellow competitors and their success is in part due to its friendliness for new and existing users.

The app has been developed and brought to the market with user friendliness in combination with mobile touch screen simplicity. Users of the app can purchase cryptocurrency at minimum orders of $100 and provide simplified actions to generally difficult tools for the cryptocurrency market. The orders can be placed from a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 1hour, offering quick withdrawals to wallets for storing your purchased assets.

Tool availability

The app has enjoyed tremendous success since its entry into the market in 2017. It is estimated that around 300,000 users have the app installed on their device. Demonstrating practical applications for those who wish to earn from crypto day trading, rather than a long-term investment. It must be said that the near instant execution of trades is of great benefit to those trading during periods of uncertainty and volatility.

It must also be stated that the app offers users the chance to receive notifications directly in relation to moves on the market. Whilst you are on the move, you can receive helpful notifications to help you decide the most likely outcome and to reduce your personal risk real time. 

Though mobile trading is becoming increasingly popular, trading through an online brokerage/exchange such as BC Bitcoin, can provide great security for your assets.