Electroneum CEO “Cryptoassets are Empowering the Next Generation”

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The accessibility of the cryptocurrency markets and lucrative nature has given this generation a sense of authority and empowerment, believes Richard Ells.

Ells, the CEO and founder of both AnyTask.com and Electroneum shared this sentiment at the Blockchain Africa Conference in March. Official reports suggest that Electroneum and Anytask.com have worked in tandem to provide framework for freelancers all over the world to earn cryptocurrency.

Between 2017 and 2019, the British entrepreneur founded Electoneum and the Electroneum-powered freelance marketplace AnyTask.com. The AnyTask platform has an unrivalled level of accessibility as anyone with a smartphone can access the platform to engage with the global marketplace with no need of a bank or account.

Electroneum can facilitate thousands of transactions for even the smallest amount of ETN tokens, swiftly and cost-effectively. Ells recollected that during its introduction and development period lasting from 2017 to 2018, Electroneum was successfully attracting millions of users to the cryptocurrency community who would have not participated otherwise.

He claims that many of the platforms’ users developed an interest in cryptoassets due to the simple process that enabled them to earn digital currency though mobile phone simulated mining.

According to Ells, Anytask.com users in Africa are often extremely entrepreneurial and successful. Electroneum claims to have over 57,000 Anytask users in 54 countries throughout the African continent alone. The African Anytask.com userbase accounts for 8.5% of the total customer base of approximately 670,000.

Electroneum is a cryptoasset that has the capacity to provide instant payment across boarders using mobile devices. Electroneums’ mission is to provide a framework to people around the work without a bank to make transactions quickly and easily with the lowest fee possible.

Though Electroneum is a privacy coins itself, all companies registered and providing services remain as transparent as possibly, but it is still to be seen if the UK will be able to offer this tokens due to privacy features.

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