The Bank of England Moves Forward With CBDC, as Seven Job Positions Open

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The central bank of the UK, The Bank of England (BoE), announced they’re still finding the best approach for the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The institution has been recruiting by opening positions related to digital assets.

A CBDC is similar to a stablecoin in respect to its functionality and intended purpose, which is generally to avoid fees, fast finality and reliability. However, the distinction between the two is the control over the asset is shaped by a centralised entity, such as a government institution other than a completely automated protocol, Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) or private institution.

The job postings were listed on the BoE official government page. One such publication pertaining to CBDC positions was titled ‘Stakeholder Analyst’ – financial institution Digital currency. The remaining array of positions on the list are solutions architect, technology analyst, both a senior manager and senior enterprise architect as well as a project analyst were all posted on Tuesday and Wednesday.

in line with the work listing for a stakeholder analyst, the BoE went on to say “The Bank of England is actively exploring whether it should develop and issue a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC),”. The vacant positions detail the roles for the BoE’s curiosity into a CBDC’s viability and implications.

Her Majesty’s Treasury, or HMT, and therefore the BoE, were said to be working in tandem on CBDC-related research earlier this month, announcing a CBDC task force. CBDCs are a hot topic in recent months, with central banks reacting.

The UK’s institutions both Her Majesty’s Treasury and the BoE were said to be working in tandem on CBDC research this month, opening a CBDC task force. 

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