Goldman Sachs CEO forecasts A “Big Evolution” For the Cryptoasset Market.

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You are currently viewing Goldman Sachs CEO forecasts A “Big Evolution” For the Cryptoasset Market.

The CEO of global investment banking institution Goldman Sachs, David Soloman, has recently exclaimed he is expecting a significant shift in the cryptoasset industry particularly with trading and there emerging regulations to come in the forthcoming years.

The organisation has remained committed to meeting its clients’ needs by providing and retaining its crypto services. The bank has stated their commitment to cryptoassets further quoting that the bank will be in the position to assist custody of cryptoassets.

During interviews earlier in the week, Soloman spoke of his predictions and implications for the emerging cryptoasset industry, believing a big evolution within the next few years to come.

When discussing his vision for the future of cryptoasset investments, the CEO underlined Goldman Sachs’ support for these improvements. He also said that the bank is still refining its processes on how to support its clients’ demand.

Furthermore, Soloman said they were thinking about cryptoassets and the digitisation of money constructively. This is because Goldman Sachs’ clients have a great demand for crypto related services. According to the CEO, Goldman Sachs will continue to work to meet the needs of its clients.

In this regard, Goldman Sachs has recently reintroduced its Bitcoin (BTC) trading desk and strongly intends to include a “broad range” of Bitcoin investments with it. Moreover, Sachs plans to integrate cryptoassets into its wealth and management services. The shift follows a significant increase in interest for Bitcoin and other cryptoassets on both the retail and institutional level.

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