JEDSTAR Announcement Confirms the Launch of Revolutionary Token $KRED

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JEDSTAR, is a decentralised ecosystem which has recently issued another crypto market investment alongside its other pair of separate tokens. The goal set out by its new token is to improve the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) industry by focusing on developing blockchain projects in Game Finance (GameFi) and applying the use case for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The plan for the decentralised ecosystem is to provide value as well as revenue prospects to DeFi, NFT and GameFi projects to enhance cryptocurrency adoption globally through its platform.
The inception of Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2009 had opened a new venture for speculators through investing in cryptocurrency and since then, the industry has grown in tandem with its supporters. JEDSTAR are backing this trend to continue until the majority of the world owns their own crypto wallet. Thus far, despite proving its effectiveness for well over a decade to date, the cryptocurrency community has only inspired 4% of the world to open their own crypto wallet for Coin Storage. However, regardless of its utility the availability to use cryptocurrency for payment amongst mainstream parties is rare at best. The ultimate goal of JEDSTAR is to boost global cryptocurrency adoption to a degree where it will co-exist with fiat currencies, with this goal being the catalyst for the release of $KRED this month.
According to JEDSTAR’s team, an attempt to bring global cryptocurrency adoption through standardised finance avenues would present too many challenges that would hinder growth prospects and be counterintuitive to the development pace of the industry. By holding the DeFi industry with the gaming industry, JEDSTAR believe the explosive growth of mobile gaming in recent years could the optimal vehicle for cryptocurrency adoption.
JEDSTAR’s $KRED has an abundance of features including ideal foundations to provide Cryptocurrency as a Service (CaaS), marketplace as a service with usage incentives. $KRED will become the native token in all JEDSTAR’s GameFi endeavors, including the AGORA marketplace which will be the epicenter of JEDSTAR’s GameFi in game transactions, enabling gamers to earn $KRED when selling in-game assets.
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