Ledger Acquire Apple Music Executive to Lead NFT Innovation

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Parker Todd Brooks, an Apple Music veteran is making the bold move to migrate his career path by joining ledger, one of the best suppliers of cryptocurrency trading wallets. Ledger is a company that supplies and engineers’ hardware wallets with extensive software compatibility, with the additional benefit of cold storage solutions by keeping the investment offline.

Brook will now join ledger as the lead of their Non-fungible Token (NFT) Division, according to their announcement Friday. The company intends to extend its help to the coin storage display and management and security of NFT items.

Ledger’s acquisition of Brooks comes on his 7th successful year with Apple, most notably his instrumental roles in launching Apple Music and music radio station Beast 1 on apples station. Prior to joining Beats music as a director of artistic integrations, he spearheaded Topspin media’s integration with Beats music and Spotify.

In his new role as Ledger’s vice president of NFTs, Brooks will be responsible for sustaining and building the network with the creative community as well as mapping and managing data for NFTs. Additionally, it has been reported that he will ensure that NFTs are given priority across both Ledger’s hardware and software platforms.  

The Apple Music veteran stated, that his objective is to streamline and modernise to process which will enable artists to display and organise their digital art as well as store them safely.

According to Ian Rogers, Ledger’s chief experience officer, providing security as well as a platform for NFTs is “nothing new for Ledger,” as the company offers a safe way to access accounts on more than 100 different blockchains. The bulk of NFTs are presently available on Ethereum (ETH) network as ERC-721 tokens. To hold these NFTs, you’ll need a wallet service, similarly to how cryptocurrencies are stored.

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