Theta now Supported on Anime Streaming Service, Cinedigm

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Cinedigm, a major American entertainment firm has began to explore the possibility of implementing blockchain technology into one its streaming platforms. Alongside the excitement surrounding cryptocurrency investments, so to has blockchain banking possibilities. Every interaction with the blockchain is recorded, with THETA being amongst the most popular examples. To change the 

Cinedigm have now partnered with Theta labs, a decentralised streaming and video distribution platform. The collaboration will implement Theta’s peer-to-peer streaming network and cryptocurrency incentives into its anime streaming service CONtv, the broadcasting service premiers a variety of anime content. 

Micro payments in THETA’s other native token Theta Fuel (TFUEL) are set to be accepted by the CONtv anime platform. The tokens are planned to be used as rewards for viewing and publishing content by using additional bandwidth, computing capacity and upload speed. CONtv viewers and users will be able to receive approximately $15 in tokens a month simply by viewing content through their browser, according to their announcement.

Cinedigm’s implementation of blockchain-based streaming technology aims to lower costs and increase both monetisation possibilities and consumer interaction. According to Theta Labs, its streaming technology will slash video streaming costs by at least half.

CONtv viewership can easily earn TFUEL micropayment rewards by watching the content on offer through the platform as well as sharing the content to other CONtv viewers. There are discussions talking place to potentially unlock other rewards for token holders, this is thought to consist of more shows, content and even experiences.

Certain TFUEL micropayment technologies were activated by Theta Labs early this year for projects such as live poker entertainment platform World Poker Tour and entertainment platform Shout! Factory.

As mentioned earlier, the Theta network has been subject to rapid growth, gaining partnerships from Fortune Global 500 companies including Google, Samsung and Sony. During the networks growth, Theta Network’s token THETA achieved new all-time price highs in 2021, breaking into the top ten crypto market investments in the month of March. 

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