Missouri Mayor Promoting Bitcoin

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As more and more people start investing and transacting in cryptocurrency, the acceptance of this new asset class also grows. With Bitcoin investment spreading globally, many countries and business have begun adoption. Now, a mayor from Missouri shows his endorsement of the Cryptoasset. 

Mayor Jayson Stewart recently proclaimed in a statement that he wishes to gift each resident of Missouri with Bitcoin worth $1000. Any residents of Missouri would be entitled to apply however, the incentive comes with conditions. All who accept the Bitcoin must ‘hodl’ or hold the asset for at least 5 years. This term within the community usual relates to trader that hold onto an investment, potential for longer term.

To enable the mayor’s plans to reach fruition, he plans to create a funding round to supply each resident with Bitcoin. Providing the fundraiser is successful, this municipal could be the first to give out a Cryptoasset to citizens for any state in the US. Further to this, the mayor has elaborated on plans to provide free seminars to educate people with hoe to invest and hold cryptoassets safely and securely. 

Jayson steward has said that digital currencies could be considered ‘digital gold’, such as Bitcoin. It’s rumoured that the mayor is able to cast this opinion due to how many people he personally knows have had their lives changes through crypto investments. During the interview, Stewart explains that many acquaintances went from working regular 9-5 jobs to having a high net worth. 

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