My Neighbor Alice Announce New Game Launcher

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The farming-themed play-to-earn game platform, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), is developing a new internal game launcher. The feature is key to the platforms long term objective to improve the games’ accessibility. Upon the launchers release users will be able to access the game directly through their browser via their webpage. The launcher will also permit users to install the game prior to registering an account. The game launcher remains in the development stage but is said to improve playtests, allowing a smoother onboarding process for beta testers and future players.

The blockchain-based builder game will allow players to purchase virtual space, namely islands as well as collect online assets and items from their NFT collections. Players can earn the cryptoasset MyNeighbourAlice (ALICE) through farming on their virtual islands. Digital assets include animals within the game, completing tasks and creating unique items. Investors and avid gamers can buy the MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) as a crypto investment or within the game itself for further advantages and privileges. Players can also sell ALICE for a profit.

According to reports, the latest announcement could be a response to popular gaming platform Steam’s decision to prohibit NFT games in their library. However, the MyNeighborAlice development team has states that developing a native game launcher has been a long-term goal for the platform. According to the development team, despite the coincidental timing, the launcher’s upcoming release is not the result of Steam’s decision, stating that they felt it was the best time to inform their fans of the exciting news.

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