Polkastarter Releases NFT Play-To-Earn Game

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The blockchain based gaming industry has been growing in popularity in recent years, with Axie Infinity, Splinterlands and various other emerging play-to-earn games leading the industry. Blockchain-based games are an exciting new space in the crypto space and have proven to be lucrative way to invest in cryptoassets for many audacious speculators.

Polkadot is a decentralised blockchain platform and Polkastarter is their very own launchpad that enables new projects to access funds raised internally via access pools and auctions. Recently, the Polkastarter launchpad has announced that WonderHero has been released and is its very first completed project. The fully incubated status of the initiative suggests that Polkastarter Labs consider the project to have potential. Projects that retain their incubation status are provided with continuous support and mentoring even following their Initial Decentralised Exchange Offering (IDO).

WonderHero is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) based, play-to-earn RPG game with mobile compatibility. The game is inspired by anime art style and the play-to-earn feature allows for players to collect further “Heroes” that are also NFTS, players can then choose to sell their cryptoasset NFT’s on a NFT marketplace. Each NFT based hero offers a unique skill set to offer players the ability to adopt a wide range of play styles and team compositions suited to them. According to Cryptototem, WonderHero has likely drawn inspiration from well-known and revered RPG, Final Fantasy.

In recent news, the Polkastarter launchpad has also announced a partnership with Morningstar Ventures with plans to build 70 businesses. The development will include platforms such as Wilder Wrold, Thetan Arena, EPNS and Ethernity Chain. Reports suggest that the firm plan to release an array of high potential initiatives within the crypto industry.

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