Real Estate and Cryptocurrency Converge with Bitcoin used to Purchase Property

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The uses for cryptocurrency have generally increased and realtors are no exception. This increase is considerable in respect to Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) clientele, with Bitcoin investments the preferred cryptoasset payment method.

According to Tony Giordano, President of Opulent Agency, a real estate attorney known for using Bitcoin to buy a house, purchasing real-estate with Bitcoin requires specialised infrastructure. This includes a real-estate agent who facilitates crypto, a crypto real-estate solicitor, and a third-party escrow to process and hold the transaction.

Since the start of the new decade cryptoassets have continued to surge in popularity, which had previously been limited to digital finance. Today’s landscape presents a different outlook for cryptoassets with mainstream adoption and institutional attention being core driving factors behind the increase in total market capitalisation for the crypto industry, currently amounting to $1.9 trillion.

The latest cryptocurrency craze has now reached buying and selling of real estate. The trend of buying houses with Bitcoin is gaining traction, with many high-end realtors selling luxury properties for Bitcoin. As affirmed by Diana Olek, a reporter for CNBC, the process of buying and selling property with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was almost unheard of a few years ago.

Reportedly, there is a rising trend among realtors to buy and sell homes using crypto. Bitcoin (BTC) has remained the most popular cryptocurrency and as a result, is widely preferred for lavish transactions. Furthermore, Bitcoin has amassed a sizable following throughout its position as the most popular cryptocurrency trading coin globally, invoking millions of market participants, vendors and hodlers (HODL). 

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