Ethereum Based NFT Platform 0xmons (XMON) Developments Inspires Speculators

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Non-Fungible-Token’s (NFT’s) often embody limited edition digital art works that can come in the form of many artistic endeavors. The protocol calls upon blockchain technology to provide proof of ownership and a profitable model for artists to reap the benefits of their creations, even coming equip with royalty smart contract features that allow artists to be paid each time a collector sells them on.

Recently, Ethereum hosted a new NFT platform on their network that is now available for purchase. The 0xmons (XMON) collection is designed based on the much beloved games such as Pokemon, SCP and Lovecraft. According to the platform’s whitepaper, the collectables are of creatures, said to exist as long as the Ethereum platform exists. Suggesting that the platform will remain functional and relevant far beyond most other gaming platforms shelf life.

Aside from minting and powered by the Ethereum network, 0xmons (XMON) is reportedly a larger platform than it appears. The NFTs are an asset within an ecosystem alongside XMON, ERC20 token, and Sudoswap. Traders who invest in the cryptocurrency XMON can stake it on the outcome of the NFT collection sale.

0xmons (XMON) launched a sister platform in the second quarter of this year named zkNFT, the protocol calls upon a unique consensus protocol mechanism, proof-of concept. Sources claim the platform is also in the alpha phase for various other projects and is reported to support the entire Ethereum ecosystem including an ERC20 utility token and a cryptoasset exchange platform with NFT functionality.

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