Price Predictions for Bitcoin in 2021

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Price of Bitcoin in one year? Ten years?

The Stock-to-flow (S2F) model developed by PlanB is one of the most established price prediction systems in the Bitcoin (BTC) space. It has forecast the long-term price trend of Bitcoin by weighing two key factors: the amount of BTC in circulation (the stock) against the amount of newly mined coins entering the market (the flow).

So far, the S2F model has been revered by many for its accuracy. Bitcoin closed in February 26% above the S2F forecast and is on course to hit the models target of $288k by the end of the year. With Bitcoin currently trading around $56k, it would need to increase four-fold between now and December to reach the S2F predicted price.

Recently stated in an interview, Anthony Pompliano noted, “If all of a sudden only about 8 million Bitcoin are available and all this demand is showing up, you are going to have a pretty aggressive price increase”.

Peter Schiff is one of the most vocal Bitcoin critics in the crypto space. He asserts that Bitcoin is a pumped-up bubble that will eventually lead to most investors facing financial ruin. According to Schiff, it’s inevitable before it crashes all the way down to zero.

Who would have forecast that Bitcoin would reach the price $100k or even $200k, it has come to a point where these predictions are considered moderate by many involved in the crypto space. Unconfirmed reports say Citibank have set their sights on an even bolder prediction for 2021.

This prediction only covers the short term, as Bitcoin price steadily rises so do the long-term forecasts. Frank Holmes of US Global Investors and Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Investments both expect the figure of $500,000 is reachable within the coming years.

Still, there is one Bitcoin price prediction that is even more bullish. Michael Saylor the CEO of Microstrategy has made forecasts anticipating that Bitcoin will absorb ‘Monetary energy’ which he says could propel Bitcoins’ price to unthinkable price, he is quoted stating ‘In theory, all monetary energy that’s simply looking for a store of value/safe haven index should presumably drain out of real estate, cash, stocks and bonds into the Bitcoin network.

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